Final Projects (spring 2010)

posted by on 2010.07.19, under VA 455-555 Physical Computing

– hafifmeşrep elbise / wanton dress by Belkıs Işık

a dress for women to socialize without any effort

– Interactive Bus Station by Selim Kurar

– Let’s Vanish by Naz Akyar

– PBS: Personal Border Sign by Erdogan Onur Ceritoglu

PBS refers to the invisible border which surrounds the personal space. PBS claims that crossing the personal border is no different than crossing a country border. In order to cross borders on a political level, the presentation of passports and visas or other appropriate forms of identity document is required by some legal orders. The phrases which appears on the LCD screen symbolizes the bureaucracy and the documentation for crossing the borders.

More details

– ILLUMINATED PRESENCE: A Personified Depiction of Light Elements by Emre Birişmen

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