VA335 Sound and Image – Fall 2010

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Course Syllabus

Instructor : Selcuk ARTUT
Class Hours: Mondays (G047) 11:40-14:30

Course Description

This course explores sound fundamentals as an ingredient of art and design, focusing on varied sound segments for installation, performance, video/film, WWW, and audio. The course is intended for art and design students as well as persons involved in multimedia work and interested in basic knowledge of sound and acoustic. Prior design experience would be useful but not necessary. The course is geared towards students who have interest in transforming and using sound in artistic installations, performances or Web pages, and non-synchronous video and film experiments. Appropriate recording methods, recording specific events and broadcasting it simultaneously are some other subjects that the course will cover.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to relate to sound as a material; teaching acoustics as the nature of the material, its composition and textures, and how to recognize its nuances, weaknesses, and strenghts, teaching ear training to develop the ability to recognize the audio material in basic ways; size, shape, dimensions, and color, the introduction of using everyday sounds as compositional material.

Additional reference Books and supplementary notes will also be provided

Topics included

• The physics of sound
• Beyond the Pitch/Duration Paradigm
• Sound esthetics
• Audio-Visual Relationship
• Digital audio
• Multitrack Techniques
• Sound Editing
• Sound Effects
• Psychoacoustics and Acoustics

Sound equipment : Computer recording and editing softwares, laptops

Grading Policy : 40% Final Project + 50% Assignments & Quiz (will be held every each week tilll week 10) + 10% Attendance and Participation

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