VA455 Physical Computing Final Projects

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Our production is simply defined as dance mat, it can be played with several players. One player will be a leader, the lead player set dance moves and the game records it, other players have 5 seconds to prepare and they must dance exactly same as leader did to take points otherwise they are going to be fail and lose the game. Purpose of this game is mainly having fun and practice dance figures by loading new codes. Today, there are many dance platforms for gaming purposes. Our production OZAMAN DANS has great difference. All dancing platforms in the world require some devices to play such as PlayStation, Xbox and Atari, but OZAMAN DANS can be played without devices. In manufacturing process, we designed OZAMAN DANS depends on important factors for us such as durability, accuracy, lightweight, foldable and easy handling. This makes the product easy to play and makes it portable. You can play dance games with your friends in wherever you wanted.

Team Members

Fahri Mert ÖZENBOY
Faruk Can ÖZKAN


Arduino MIDI Controller with Capacitive Touch Pads – Spring 2018 VA455 Physical Computing

The aim of the project was to make a simple MIDI controller with a one octave keyboard.
A MIDI controller is any hardware that generates and transmits MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital
Interface) signals to digital MIDI-enabled devices. Arduino generates this MIDI data to be
transferred into a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

Team Members

Cansu Ülker

Helix Board Game – Spring 2018 VA455 Physical Computing

Red: 255,0,0 Green: 0,255,0 Blue: 0,0,255
The game begins with 125 points in all 3 sections
Roll the dice, every player who has the right answer can earn 5, 10 or 15 points according to give the right answer and win 5 points, 10 points or 15 points ( question cards will have 3 different categories)
Groups have to use their all points as “+” or “–” for one of 3 sections
Enter the points to the touchscreen
Every player is going to see how other groups used their points, they can see it
from the lamp color

Every group is trying to reach group color code and manipulate the color numbers
by giving a right answer to the questions

If the point of any section goes beyond 255 or drops below 0, section turns to the start point 125.
Participants can roll the dice only once.
Participants have to use all points in their turn. If a participant cannot answer correctly, it passes to
another participant.

Team Members

Özgecan Yalçınoğlu
Can Tokay


Mindsweeper Demonstration – Spring 2018 VA455 Physical Computing

Description of the project

Mindsweeper is a game in which there consists of two components, cards, and the Arduino. Cards contain codes on them that correspond to a game in the code. According to this code, the Arduino generates cognitively challenging questions. The five colors “gray, green, blue, purple, orange” represents the difficulty level of the games (from the easiest to the hardest).

Team Members

Abdullah Usame Günay
Adnan Burak Ayaz


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