VA545 Interaction Design Fall2012 Final Projects

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LAN by Cem Sina Çetin & Doruk Turkmen

Burcu Avcı

VA545 Interaction Design Fall2012 Projects : Interactive Insurance

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Assignment Brief:
Our customer AKSigorta is asking for an interactive poster that does the following
A camera will recognize people’s faces, and automatically create a thinking balloon. Inside the balloon there will be a sentence that is gathered randomly from a list of statements. It will follow the character until the person leaves the screen.

Sentences are listed here;

Arabama çarpan olur mu?
Arabamı yaksalar ne yaparım?
Yağmurlar geldi, arabayı bağlayacak sağlam bir direk bulmalıyım.
Arkadaşın bagajdaki dizüstü bilgisayarını kaşla göz arası çalmışlar
Ambulansın telefonu kaç acaba? Bana birşey olmaz boşver.
Herşeyin başı sağlık
Anahtarı kapıda mı bıraktım acaba?
Ocağı kapamış mıydım çıkarken?
Türkiye’nin %95’i deprem riski altındaymış.
İş yerimde grev olsa maaşları nasıl ödeyeceğim?
Ofise bir de güvenlik mi alsak?
Yaşımda ilerliyor, bir sağlık sigortası mı alsam artık?

Cem Sina Çetin

Sevgi Aka

Doruk Türkmen

VA335 Sound and Image Fall 2012 Final Projects

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Final Assignment Instructions

 1-You are required to compose a theme music for the attached scenario. Duration min 10 sec.

2-Compose music for 1 minute for the credits at the beginning and also compose 1 minute music for the end credits.

3-Create variations on your composed material to build musical structures for at least two scenes where you feel them to be with music.

While submitting, include a info text for which particular scenes were selected with reasons.

I recommend you not to be bothered with learning the original movie. That doesn’t make any help at all. On the contrary I suggest you better not watch it.

Student Outputs

Begüm Bahçeçik

1) Theme

2) Scene 1 : Renee died

I choose this particular scene because, I think that it was the most tense scene in given scenario. I imagined a chaos setting, shocking, almost like a hallucination.  In that sense, I composed a music which is starting with a sound of dripping blood and I also add drown sounds.

3) Scene 2 : Mysterious Man

Likewise, I choose this scene because it was where increasing tension take place.

4) Intro

5) Outro

Burcu Bilge

1) Theme


Renee’s POV – down the hallway.  There is just darkness at the end of the hall.  It is EERIE.  After a moment, Fred slowly walks out of the darkness toward Renee.  He walks out of the shot and the camera remains on the rectangle of darkness at the end of the hall.

I choose this as a scene.I think this part is really  fearful because there is dark hall and somebody walking in it and the silence of course. So ı chose strange sound and it lasts at the en of the appearance of the Fred.When Fred and Renee met there is a different tension so ı put different effect at the end.


Renee in a bathrobe, opens the front door to collect the mail.  She sees a plain, clean, manila envelope lying on the step.  She picks it up.

I choose this part .And ı wanted to do something  irritating and which gives sense of tension. So that’s why ı wanted to use some lasting sounds.Thats why ı used two different rhythmic sounds for the situation but  at the end there is different most powerful sounds that indicate the action of picking the envelope.

4) Intro

5) Outro


Selin Dönmez

When I read the scenario, in my mind I thought about how to give little clues about Fred’s minds confudness. Like a intro of Funny Games, I think about giving some clues about what will be going on.

1) Theme-­‐ The movie itself has a mysterious look and high thriller. In my theme, there is a high thriller and mystery also it has got a pessimistic approach. A man who is in a conflict and try to understand whats going on just like the viewer. So in my theme there is deeper sound which gives a mood of dream like.

2) Intro-­‐ In intro I imagined a scene where is a highway and when we see it we feel like we also going. I added a music where we feel a high tension and added evil laugh to give clues about what Fred will be faced and while the viewer watches it they try to understand whats going on ,which not easy that much. As we hear the intro, I imagined that people will see writings ( director etc) as speed as laugh. A hand writing that writes ‘director’ as speed as laughs and with music gets instantaneous notes, in that moment we will see names in my mind.

3) When he found the folder (third) -­‐ When Fred founds the folder he clearly in a position which on a knife edge. He slowly goes to try screen and decide whether he is going to play the videotape or not. He is trying to decide, understand whats going on, who did this, trying to understand his wife. His wife is more calm than him but that’s for sure there is a high tension in that room. Because that was the second time that the video arrived and everytime it comes it get closer to their home, actually in their bedroom. It includes key sounds of theme but in the beginning there is a slow flow that gives the effect of what they are going to do with that third tape.

4) Andy’s House/party-­‐ In a party that is full of people, they are having fun, Fred’s wife is little bit drunk, and suddenly mystery man appears, the moment that he talks we understand that he is going to cause problem to Fred. Than we started to hear evil laughs that we hear on the intro. There is a reference in that gives Fred’s mind started to get blur even more, he had confusions in his mind and when he called the house he actually hears mystery mans voice which started to become scary even more. He thinks about Dick Laurent’s dead and they decided to leave. In the sound there is a start which everything goes great and than turn to nightmare the laughs can be considered as part people’s noises for Fred.

5) Outro-­‐ We learned that Fred is the killer at the very last moment. So the viewer are in a shock and like in the beginning there is a music, which comes later on to remember viewer a little bit of intro. The cast started to go slowly and then turned to a little bit of fast. And there is again a sound that gives the affect of dream like in the beginning. And everything turns to a little bit of Fred’s feeling – we started to feel sorrow, sadness.


Tuğçe Evirgen

1) Beginning Credits

– The bass at the background gives the gloomy and disturbing situation going on throughout the film.

– The sound of breathing women represents Renee on the video recording and also touches to the point that Fred killed her. It starts and finishes very sharp which I didn’t use any fade out or something else is because I wanted to give the sense of the video recording of Renee. With fade out I thought that it would be a bit unnatural and also it wouldn’t give the sense of like ‘hık!’, like something giving you that sharp, impressive sense.

– After the single breath that women takes, music changes and starts to have a fast, meaty rhythm and the title of the film comes to the screen. Before, there were credits for some part and after the title there is a few credits more to be continued with the rhythm that is fast and meaty.

–  The music fades out because it continues.

2) Ending Credits

–  The mysterious sound effect with the whistle gives the sense of mysterious things going on throughout the film. Also the sharp cutting of the whistle gives another rhythm to the music.

–  Saxophone tune emerge in order to represent Fred who is playing a saxophone. I didn’t specificly chosen the saxophone type he is playing. The part that we only hear the saxophone represents Fred’s bad ending.

3) 1st Scene ( page 1, Madison house, Bedroom, Day)

-The rhythm of the bass doesn’t give a gloomy sense, instead it represents a ordinary day that Fred woke up, etc.

-The single sound that we hear after 2’de 1 of the rhythm of the bass gives a sense of something strange, awkward going to happen which is unexpected ( a doorbell in 5.30 am).

In a part we only hear this sound sequently to make the viewer focus on the situation that strange going to happen (Fred comes near to the Intercom and listens to it)

– The rhythm that comes after that single sounds represents the kuşku uyandırıcı, suprising situation (after the voice that says ‘ Dick Laurent is dead’).

4) 2nd Scene (page 23, Madison House, Living Room, Day)

–       During Fred puts the video tape on the VCR and also during watching that mysterious sound and the bass tune plays along.

–       When Fred starts to see the scene that blood is everywhere on the bedroom, we only hear the single tune of the bass.

–       When Fred realizes that Renee is dead, we hear the single breathing sound of a women which represents Renee that was used in the beginning credits.

–       After the single breathing sound, fast and meaty rhythm comes along in order to represent the unexpected, suprising situation that Fred is on after he sees on the tape that he killed Renee.

–       That fast rhythm that comes after the tune we hear after the breathing, that ‘tık tıktıktıktık’ ones, makes the viewer to feel like Fred is fucked up and all eyes are on him with blaming.

Overall, I tried to give the sense of situation changing with rhythms coming afterwards a single tune. After a single tune, the rhythm we hear gets different than we hear at the beginning.


Ali Kanıbelli

1) Theme

2) Scene : Jazz Bar

3) Scene : Syndrome Feeling

4) Outro


Mina Melis Karslıoğlu

1) Theme

2) Scene : Desert

3) Scene : Till Fred smoking

4) Intro

5) Outro


Zehra Nazlı Kubalas

 1) Theme
2) Scene : Luna Lounge

3) Intro

4) Outro


Reysi Leon

 1) Theme
2) Intro

For the intro part my aim was to give more tempo and excitement after “17 audio track” but I couldn’t find a suitable loop containing the same bell sounds with higher tension so I continued with the same loop.

3) Outro

The same problem applies to the outro to since I couldn’t find any loop both matching the “TRACKER” loop and be more harsh on the bass and containing more excitement.

4) Scene 1 : The party scene+fred talks with the mystery man

I chose that scene because while I was reading the scenario I imagined a party and a situation where they meet. It was easy to visualize that moment. I thought it would be more suitable if I compose a music for that scene because it was more than necessary to create the feeling of tension in a happy relaxed environment, a party, to the viewer and sense that the meeting part is very important, not just like talking to a man.

5) Scene 2 : Receiving the third videotape+watching the tape+the drouning sound comes in+ fred looks at the camera

This was the most shocking part I read in the scenario because it was an unexpected moment where Fred looks at the camera. I felt that, this scene requires a tension sound with heartbeats, and the droning sound they talk about in the videotape is the theme music where everything happens.


Müge Mahmutçavuşoğlu

 1) Theme
2) Scene 1 : ext two lane highway night

Cemre Mavioğlu

My whole project is about creating tension during the movie, sometimes creating contraversies in both harmonic and space sense.

1) My theme music is a reverbed and delayed warped piano and acoustic guitar used together.

2) My beginning credits are in indian style totally anemphatetic way, using my theme with sitar and eastern percussions.

3) My final credits, that I wanted to make a psychologically spooky ending, which this time emphasizes with the ending of the movie.

4) The first scene I chose was Luna Lounge-Night. The chose of my music is with alto saxophone, minor, and mysterious and sad tune. Totally different from the dynamism of the scene where he plays neo-bop jazz, very alive music and everybody explodes on the dance floor. By giving an absurd slow music irrelevant with the scene other than the instrument, I intended to prepare the scene for next scene which contains Fred dialing a phone as a cross dissolve. And add more to that uncanny feeling of the movie.

5) The other scene I chose starts form Fred and Renee’s bedroom when they came home after party before everything happened. Fred walks down the hallway, music continues while renee searches for Fred too and music continues until day comes nd Fred openes the video. The reason I used this music to create a sense of tension as it was created in jaws movies. And in the same melodic base with my theme with bass environment.


Çağatay Tuna Özkan

1) Theme

These scenes are selected because I prefer to compose one mystical and one thrilling scene. In the first scene, distorted sounds of a tortured woman is added because by this way, mystical feelings can be altered and become more sensible. However in second scene, more rhythmical tracks were selected for increasing tension.

Fred is walking slowly across the living room. Fred’s POV: moving – searching. Fred stops and listens.RENEE(tentatively – distant and off screen)
Fred?  Fred, where are you?The camera turns slowly back toward the hallway, and as it drifts it RISES UP following along the hall and turning slowly into the bedroom.  Renee is lying below in the bed.FRED V.0. Then there you were… lying in bed… but it wasn’t you… It looked like you… but it wasn’t.
The camera suddenly dives violently at Renee – into a TIGHTCLOSE UP.  Her face registers TOTAL FEAR.

3) Scene 2
EXT. THE MADISON HOUSE – DRIVEWAY – NIGHTFred and Renee’s car pulls up in front of their house.  Fred jumps out of the car FRED Stay in the car!Fred enters the house, careful to turn off the alarm first.CUT TO: INT. THE MADISON HOUSE – NIGHTThere are only a couple of dim lights on, the house is mostly dark.  Fred moves slowly and carefully through his house – searching each room for a possible intruder.Fred’s POV – moving creepily room by room through the dark house – past the telephone – down the hall to the bedroom.There is NO ONE there. He goes back outside for Renee.

4) Intro

5) Outro


Efe Özmen

1) Theme


Fred and Renee are on the couch. The TV remains on, showing
snow. Renee is very upset, crying.

What the hell is going on?!

(equally horrified -frightened)
I wish I knew.

Fred reaches over and tentatively takes Renee’s hand in his.
She trembles, allows him to touch her, but otherwise does not
respond. Suddenly, she jumps with fright.

What was that?!!!


On the tape! There was something else on
the tape.

Fred gets up and rewinds it, passing an image.

There! Play it!

Fred runs the tape forward.

We see snow – then a half-second long MEDIUM SHOT of Fred on
his knees near the bedroom wall on Renee’s side of the bed.
He is looking directly at the camera – his face a ghastly
grimace, contorted. His eyes are WIDE WITH HORROR.

Fred runs it back again and FREEZES the tape there on his
tormented image. This image fills the screen. He and Renee
stare at it.

3) Scene 2 : INT. CAR – NIGHT

Fred is driving fast and recklessly. Renee is drunk and is
smiling at him.

How’d you meet that asshole, Andy,

Renee stares out the front window – thinks back.

It was a long time ago… I met him at
this place called Moke’s… We… became
friends… He told me about a job…

What job?

I don’t remember… Anyway, Andy’s

He’s got some fucked up friends.



Fred and Renee’s car pulls up in front of their house. Fred
jumps out of the car.

Stay in the car!

Fred enters the house, careful to turn off the alarm first.

4) Intro

5) Outro


Deniz Sağlam

1) Theme

2) Scene1 : The first scene after the first fade out, namely the “INT. THE MADISON HOUSE – BEDROOM – DAY” scene matches with the Orchestral Theme and the reason for this matter is that the orchestral instruments and the subtlety of the theme music matches with the newly awakened characters and the house itself in the morning.

3) Scene2 : The Luna Lounge Sax theme matches with the “INT. LUNA LOUNGE – NIGHT” scene, where Fred jumps onto the stage and throws a sax solo. This sax solo is meant to be hot, hard neo-bop; however I believe a sax solo is supposed to be left alone without the other instruments, I thought it would be better to create the impression on the audience that the solo is affective, strong and spiritual; instead of just throwing a groovy solo that would make everyone dance. Since the scenario isn’t extremely specific on this matter, I believe the Luna Lounge Sax file would suit the scene.

4) Scene 3 :Lastly, there is a DnB Theme that matches with the “INT. CAR – NIGHT” scene, where Fred is driving fast and recklessly and Renee is drunk; and the DnB Theme music comes from the radio to match with the exaggeratedly emphasized extacy & excitement of the scene.
5) Intro

Selin Sargut

1) Theme

2) Intro

3) Outro

4) Scene 1 : My first choice is Fred’s dream scene because, as at the end of the film the same dream becomes reality ,i think it has significant importance for the senario. I wanted to stress Fred’s tension while he is searching Rene and Renes fear.

5) Scene 2 :My second scene is the one that Renee and Fred watching the videotape,they are horrified and frightened. In this scene they notice something different in the video, they are discovering that Fred is aware of some presence and looking in the direction of the camera. Renee crys and they are watching the video again and again. I chose it because tension due to videotapes reaches the peak in this scene and i wanted to emphasize that tension.


Berna Roksan Sarıoğlu

1) Theme

2) Intro

2) Intro
3) Outro
4) Scene 1 :  Luna Lounge Backstage, Internal of Madison House and back to Luna Lounge Backstage
5) Scene 2 :   Internal the Madison House Night


Çağla Şahin

1) Theme

2) Intro

3) Outro

4) Scene 1

5) Scene 2




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