VA546 Sound Projects Finals

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Selin Camli and Can Gunes are remaking sound design for the film V for Vendetta. Their project involves recording foley sounds, ADR, sound design, film music scoring.

Scene I
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Scene II
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Scene III
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Ihsan Kehribar is recoding a multitrack session for Bulent Ortacgil’s song Senin İcin. Kehribar has also mixed the song and finalized a master copy.

A few pictures from Horn Section Recordings.

Here is the Music Player. You need to installl flash player to show this cool thing!

Kamer Ali Yüksel
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Kamer Ali Yüksel explains his project as below.

Accelerometer-based Digital Instruments

Traditional musical instruments are often used for the rehabilitation of children within TSCV, in an artistic manner. Orchestral approaches help them develop collaboration and harmony among each other. Gestural instruments also help them develop their motor skills and beneficial for their physical rehabilitation. Consequently, they are a fun way for both mental and physical therapy of children. For that reason, I have implemented 8 different digital instruments based on the Accelerometer embedded within Apple’s iPhone 4, using SuperCollider real-time audio synthesis platform. The digital instruments have different characteristics and each of them are designed for different group of children regarding their motor skills. The instruments works perfectly on iPhone 4; yet, it would not be suitable for us to supply a Smart-phone for each children. Thus, we have attempted to implement the electronics of a wearable device, using a flexible PCB electronic prototyping platform. However, the prototyping platform was not sufficiently steady for children usage and have been damaged. As a future work, instruments might be implemented using a more robust platform.

Türker Orbay Baran is recording an album for a band named 80Kalibre


Project is still in progress


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