Acid Pro Tutorial Videos (Beginners’ Level)

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Here below is a website that provides video lessons for tutoring Acid Pro Software. I would recommend VA335 Sound and Image Students to follow these instructions to fasten their gears.

Grades in Progress

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You may see your grading situation so far from the below link

VA335 Sound and Image SUMMER 2010 Grades Chart (Right Click to Save As)

Final Projects (spring 2010)

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Sonigraph by Ebru Sürek

An instrument for gestural control of sound

Click here for more info

Wacomax by Sinan Büyükbas

Wacom controlled synthesizer

Solenoid Drummer by Selim Kurar

Final Projects (spring 2010)

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– hafifmeşrep elbise / wanton dress by Belkıs Işık

a dress for women to socialize without any effort

– Interactive Bus Station by Selim Kurar

– Let’s Vanish by Naz Akyar

– PBS: Personal Border Sign by Erdogan Onur Ceritoglu

PBS refers to the invisible border which surrounds the personal space. PBS claims that crossing the personal border is no different than crossing a country border. In order to cross borders on a political level, the presentation of passports and visas or other appropriate forms of identity document is required by some legal orders. The phrases which appears on the LCD screen symbolizes the bureaucracy and the documentation for crossing the borders.

More details

– ILLUMINATED PRESENCE: A Personified Depiction of Light Elements by Emre Birişmen

Sound Editing Software – Free of Use

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Previously, I was using Sony’s Soundforge application for my teaching. Finally some clever people managed to release a free audio editing software. I do now recommend my students to use this application named Audacity.

click here to access the Audacity Internet site.
Do not forget to install mp3 additions as well. Check this site:

Decibel Values

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Here is a nice chart for gathering some aspect of how far the decibel values vary.

Protect your ears.


VA555 Physical Computing

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Course Description

Students will learn how to communicate through computers by applying various physical perception methods for the purpose of creating interactive art and design projects. The course will also be supplemented with reading and analyzing a series of written theoretical materials about the topic. Basics of building circuits and developing software to communicate with microcontrollers and computers will be introduced


VA545 Interaction Design

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Course Description
This course is designed to focus on interaction issues. During the course, students will become familiar with the topic with using various tools and applications that are commonly used in professional interaction design work and they will be introduced to the works of practitioners in the field. Advanced programming techniques in ActionScript 3.0 will be covered.

VA546 Sound Projects

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Course Description
The students at this stage are expected to develop an awareness of the pervasive use of sound design for conveying ideas through digital technology. Class lecture/demonstrations are supplemented by weekly labs and culminate in students’ compositional projects

Course Objectives
Surround mixing, Midi technologies, Microphone techniques, Studio Recording projects will be the focus of this course. It will involve the selection and use of prerecorded material, as well as the creation of music and audio content. This course deals with learning how to use Max/MSP/Jitter by Cycling 74 to create interactive environments with MIDI (Max), real-time audio processing (MSP), and real-time graphics and video processing (Jitter). Students will create one or two projects in the class, occasional group critiques will be given


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Equipment List

1 x Mac Pro Quad-Core 2.66 GHz/3GB/250GB/SD + 2 Apple 21inch LCD : Recording
1 x Mac Pro Quad-Core 2.66 GHz/3GB/250GB/SD + 1 Apple 21inch LCD : Post-Production
1 x iMac Interaction

Digidesign Digi002 Rack
Digidesign Digi002 Mixer
Apogee Ensemble

1 x Digidesign MBox
1 x Digidesign MBox Pro

2 x Dynaudio BM6A
2 x Genelec 8040A
2 x Yamaha MSP5 Nearfield Monitor
MAudio 2.1 speaker
MAudio 5.1 speaker system

Yamaha 01V96 Digital mixing console
2 x Behringer UB-1204Fx mixer
Behringer 24 channel mixer
3 x Yamaha 12 channel

2 x Presonus digimax96 preamp
Apogee Ensemble 4 ch
Apogee MiniMe

Effects and Processor:
Presonus 31 band DEQ624
T.C. Electronics M2000
TL Audio C1
JoeMeek Three-Q


3 x Stanton Dj-Pro 2000s headphone

Neuman U87
2 x AKG D-112
2 x AKG C-414B
Neumann M147 Tube
Rode NT 4
Rode NT2000
Shure KSM44 Mic
4 x Behringer ECM 999 mic
2 x Shure PG 48 mic
Neuman KM 184 mt mic
Neuman KMR 81 i mt mic
Sennheiser D421 mic
Sennheiser ME67 mic
Sennheiser ME66 mic
Sennheiser K6-C Powering Module mic
Sennheiser K6/K6P mic
Shure PG Drum Kit mic
3 x Sennhesier Evolution wireless G2 mic
2 x AudioTechnica ATW-T28 wireless mic
2 x Shure SM57
2 x Shure SM58

DI :
3 x Behringer ULTRA DI DI20
2 x Radial JDI
2 x Klark Teknik

Behringer Power Play Pro HA620 Headphone Amplifier
Teac w-600R Stereo Double Cassette Deck
Video Splitter
Yamaha DJX Keyboard
Roland 808 Sampler
USB splitter 4
Stanton DJ Turntable
Playstation 3.0 + 42inch LCD + 5.1 surround

Protools LE 8.0
Cubase SX 3.0
MaxMSP/Jitter 5


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