15 Trends in Graphic Design for 2018

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VA345 Creative Coding Midterm Outputs

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Code Manipulations

Overpopulated – When Statistics Explain

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VA335 Student Exhibition

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VA 555 Physical Computing
Students will learn how to communicate through computers by applying various physical perception methods for the purpose of creating interactive art and design projects. The course will also be supplemented with reading and analyzing a series of written theoretical materials about the topic. Basics of building circuits and developing software to communicate with microcontrollers and computers will be introduced
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VA 545 Interaction Design
This course is designed to focus on interaction issues. During the course, students will become familiar with the topic with using various tools and applications that are commonly used in professional interaction design work and they will be introduced to the works of practitioners in the field. Advanced programming techniques in ActionScript, and MaxMSP/Jitter will be covered.
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VA546 – Sound Projects
This course is a continuation of VA335. The students at this stage are expected to develop an awareness of the pervasive use of sound design for conveying ideas through digital technology. Class lecture/demonstrations are supplemented by weekly labs and culminate in students compositional projects
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VA335 – Sound and Image
This course explores sound fundamentals as an ingredient of art and design, focusing on varied sound segments for installation, performance, video/film, WWW, and audio CD. The course is intended for art and design students as well as persons involved in multimedia work and interested in basic knowledge of sound and acoustic. Prior design experience would be useful but not necessary. The course is geared towards students who have interest in transforming and using sound inartistic installations, performances or Web pages, and non-synchronous video and film experiments. Appropriate recording methods, recording specific events and broadcasting it simultaneously are some other subjects that the course will cover
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VA 501 Project Studio
In this studio the students are expected to explore their individual language in the areas of art and design. Throughout the semester various studio faculty will meet and introduce the student towards his or her specific artistic approach or design understanding . In this semester utilization of diverse methods, materials and techniques by the student is anticipated.

VA 502 Project Studio
Students are expected to work on their own body of artistic works. Group and individual studio critiques throughout the semester will guide the student in his or her specific artistic approach. If the student is design oriented, a similar personalised understanding of combining and diversifying design components will be generated in projects focused on web design, digital video or more traditional design areas, such as editorial design.

VA 503 Project Studio
This course is a continuation of graduate studios. Faculty as well as external participants from various disciplines will critique Works in progress. By this stage the student is expected to enhance his/her own vocabulary through forms, images, and words. Issues of professional practice including presentation practice will be covered and participation in exhibitions encouraged.

VA 504 Project Studio
In this semester the student is expected to realize his/her graduate level final exhibition and /or final project. At this time the student will also work on and produce a portfolio at professional level. Personalised critiques by faculty will lead the student to his/her studio degree requirement.


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